October 3, 2013

Why So Much Celebrity Gossip?

Turn on the TV and you’re bound to find several channels reporting on the news around the world. These stories can range from natural disasters, to robberies, to a global success story. More often than not, however, the more entertaining and desirable news stories are those that some would refer to as gossip. Gossip is defined as a story about a person that is not intended to make the person look good but rather to entertain the listener.

Lots of stories have to do with divorce, fashion triumphs and mishaps (the latter more often than the former), and celebrity misdemeanors. The news isn’t always bad though. Many magazines publish pictures of celebrities out and about doing what “normal people” do. They show them at the grocery store, with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or trying on clothes at a department store. Usually the camera angle is meant to throw a bad light on the person, or the story is edited so that pertinent information is left out. Rarely can these gossip stories be considered factual. Sometimes a celebrities head is placed on another person’s body.

Why is this the case? Many would say it is because this kind of news is more fun. In a way, a celebrity is like a common friend that you have with a complete stranger. By paying attention to entertainment news, it can be argued that there is always some common conversation topic that can be found even between the most different of people. Perhaps this news feels closer to us. Maybe we want something lighter to get our minds off of the many disasters and catastrophes the rest of the world is facing. Either way, it’s usually pretty fun to read.