October 3, 2013

Why Are Celebrities So Interesting to the Public?

Most of us lead very busy lives in the run of the average day but for some reason we always have the time to catch up with our favorite celebrities.  For some reason, we look at these people as if they were gods that we should model our lives after.  We assume their lives are more exciting than our own.  In reality, their lives are not much different from ours except that they have bigger homes, more money and their lives are constantly in the spotlight.

It is for these reasons that we find their lives so interesting to follow and it is for these reasons that we need to have our daily celebrity news fix! When we see them being chased by photographers and reporters, it is hard to imagine that they put their pants on and brush their teeth the same way we do. Surely their lives include something special to make them so interesting to us and by clinging to every news story about them, maybe we can get that excitement in our lives.

It is not hard to get that fix any time of day no matter where you are.  All you have to do is turn on the TV, listen to the radio in the car or log onto the internet and search for gossip or go to your favorite gossip website.  There are many magazines and newspapers that cater to this fix as well and they can be bought almost anywhere including grocery stores and convenience stores.  Although it is fun to follow the lives of the rich and famous, it is important to remember that fame and fortune does not always bring happiness and chances are, they would rather have your life any day!