October 3, 2013

Where To Find Celebrity Gossip

Although a lot of entertainment news is pure speculation, there are newsworthy pieces of information that come out of the entertainment world on a daily basis. No longer are the tabloids full of alien babies and badly mocked up photos of freaks of nature. Today’s tabloids are full of embarrassing photos and half-true stories of real people.

Most people are content poring over the contents of tabloids in search of the hottest celebrity gossip. But for those who are looking for real celeb news, such as the fate of Two and a Half Men now that its star is facing drug problems, or how Tiger Woods is coping with the loss of multiple sponsors, they can turn to the few entertainment news sources that use real journalistic techniques to gather real entertainment news.

There are large news outfits such as CNN or BBC as well as shows geared towards pure entertainment news that are good sources for real news about the stars. One does not really have to look to gossip magazines to find hot celeb news, since these outfits are here to offer well-researched and more reliable news pieces. No Godzilla-human hybrid babies or proof of life on Venus in these venues.

In fact, to get to the most reliable sources, one only needs to take a look at Reuters. Basically all the most reliable media outlets get their news straight out from Reuters sources. With the internet one can now access these media sources for the latest news about celebrities with one click of a mouse. Mainstream media is no longer concerned with keeping out of Hollywood and do not concern themselves with sticking to politics and the weather any longer.