October 3, 2013

What You’ll Notice with HD Radio

HD Radio Transmitter
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FM radio frequencies are being bombarded with advertisements for HD radios. After all, many of the stations broadcasting these ads have invested in expensive new HD radio equipment that allows them to send these advanced digital signals. Still, the price for the upgrade isn’t non-existent, so many consumers are wary about making the shift. To help you determine whether or not the upgrade is worthwhile for you, this entry will provide a list of the benefits you’ll receive if you choose to upgrade to HD.

Your FM radio quality increases.

The digital signal being used by most FM broadcasting groups is simply a higher quality signal. It’s the exact same radio wave, it’s just got more data to it, which means that the bit rate for all the music your hear is noticeably higher.

Your AM radio quality increases, too.

AM radio broadcasts won’t suddenly be sending out high quality stereo sound, but using the HD radio receiver you will receive increased clarity in sound and a higher general quality.

Distortion will disappear.

While it’s still possible to interfere with your new digital signal, it’s very hard to do. This is because the high quality signal is compressed and then extracted from the transmitter and your receiver. That, plus the fact that it’s not working on modular frequencies, means that you won’t have to worry about any of the following:

-Geographic features

This means that you get the high quality sound you’ve invested in more clearly than ever before. The overall range on your signal will also see a significant boost.

You get a third stream of data.

FM has two for stereo sound, while AM’s mono is just one stream, but HD radio has three full streams of data. Beyond the left and right speaker data, HD provides a “text” data stream that can be used in conjunction with HD radio iPod tuners and other new technologies. This gives you the opportunity to do some unique things with your music, in addition to keeping up on things like traffic updates without your music being disrupted.