October 3, 2013

Use Your Own Free Radio Station to Broadcast Business Financial Advice

Radio station logos
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Free radio is opening the doors for DJ hobbyists to have their voices heard. Rather than spending hours, months, or even years slaving away as an intern at a radio station, you can opt to start your own free radio station. Websites like Live365 allow you to create your own station and take on the roles of DJ and talk radio host.

Your exact radio setup will depend on the company hosting the radio program. For example, you may have to pay a fee to host your own station, but listeners will have access to your station and shows for free over the radio and Internet. Others allow you to host your own station as long as you join the company’s website as a member.

Once you establish your own station, you can pick your favorite songs to play and blend your tunes with local news or business financial advice. You can talk about ways small businesses can save money, such as buying business supplies at a club warehouse like Sam’s or Costco. Or you could talk about the necessary business expenses that save people money in the long run. For example, hiring a business lawyer can be expensive for some business owners, but having the right business structure from the get-go can save a business several hundred dollars to thousands in the future.

You can also keep tabs on business financial news and broadcast updates over your free radio station. As you gain listeners for your station, you may even begin to compete with larger radio networks. If you can get enough buzz about your show, you may get syndicated with radio stations across the U.S. Or you may gain the attention of a celebrity radio personality who wants to do a guest spot. When you put your talent to work, you can successfully broadcast the music and topics that interest you the most.