October 3, 2013

The Royal Wedding in Britain: An Update

The heir to the British throne, His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales will marry his longstanding girlfriend, Miss Catherine Middleton on 29th April this year. Here a sneak peak at the wedding preparations. The wedding itself will take place at Westminster Abbey, starting at 11:00, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Dr. Rowan Williams, will marry the happy couple. After the Church wedding, the Queen will give a reception at Buckingham Palace and the Prince of Wales will give a private dinner party that same day in the evening.

Rumor has it that the couple is having difficulties in deciding who should be invited and who should not. Places are limited, both in the Abbey as well as for the parties, and therefore a race of popularity has started amongst celebrities proving who is important enough to be on this elusive list. Diplomats, state dignitaries and members of other royal families are safe, but singers, actors and other celebrities are still waiting anxiously for the invitation that proves that they ‘made it’. Two people at least can be fairly sure of this invitation, Elton John, who sung at Princess Diana’s funeral and David Beckham, a close friend of the Prince.

Speaking of Princess Diana, there has been some speculation that Prince William wanted to recreate the wedding of his parents in honor of her. Those plans have not come to fruition though as the fashionable and sensible Prince has allowed the his own tastes and the desires of his bride-to-be shine through.