October 3, 2013

The Privilege of Free Media

If you are not over 50, you likely do not remember the status quo of media in the ’50s and ’60s. You had the choice of the local newspapers, national news magazines, three TV networks and one or more radio stations in your local area. Each of these was privately owned and each presented the news to fit the political desires of the ownership at the time. However, the news was indeed accessible and almost none was censored. These forms of media still exist today, but their access to news and their desire to present total stories are limited, some choosing to make news into entertainment instead of giving the facts.

The present era has seen government control of most major media now. We are no longer allowed to see full pictures as we did during the Vietnam disaster. At that time, our freedom to see that tragedy on TV every night was greatly responsible for the war’s end.

Freedom of information still exists and it is diverse. You can choose sports, online casino games, chat rooms, news, and literally any other form of information imaginable. The Internet exploded information worldwide. You have the choice to see the realities and every opinion. Concurrently, it is not limited to a handful of forums. You have choices now that you never had fifty years ago. The Internet has so far been able to circumvent control. The freedom you have to access information worldwide is not a guarantee. Factions of power are desperately trying to close down access to truth and it is not just the crippling oligarchies in the East who are doing this. What we have available to ourselves is fragile and it is a privilege – something to remember when you scan the Internet for news and have a hundred venues to choose from. Support that. It can go away.