October 3, 2013

Studies Suggests New Age Entertainment Affects Children

Traditionally, entertainment for the family was usually watching movies or television or listening to radio or music. Now-a-days, there are so many more types of entertainment which is available especially for children. Studies reveal that too much of these new age entertainment is affecting children and is creating unhealthy habits among children. One such way of entertainment is video games or computer games and watching television. Almost all the children are addicted to watching television and playing video games. This not only causes health problems such as headaches and affects their vision, but also affects them psychologically.

The traditional method of playing and sharing with other children is decreasing with more and more children playing video or computer games or watching television all the time. This affects their studies as well and many children end up being couch potatoes. This leads to over weight and obesity problems in the children. Statistics reveal that obesity among children is increasing at an alarming level especially in developed countries. The major reason for this is eating junk food and watching too much television.

Parents need to take up responsibility and encourage children to play with other children. Another way is to encourage children to play outside and involve them in other outdoor activities.