October 3, 2013

Stay Up-to-Date on Business Finances With Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg is a company that strives to bring transparency to capital markets. It aims to increase capital flows, stimulate the economy, and reduce business expenses by connecting individuals to government, business, and financial decision makers in the capital markets.

One way Bloomberg achieves its goal of transparency is with radio. The company hosts podcasts and shows that target specific groups. There are several ways a person can access the broadcasts, including over the radio and by connecting to Bloomberg’s website.

The show “In Business with Margaret Brennan” provides listeners with information on what’s moving in the market based on U.S. trading and European markets. Major players who have invested billions appear as guests on the show and offer their opinions on current events.

In “Taking Stock,” Karen Moskow and Pimm Fox analyze the stocks and offer advice on which stocks to pick. Professionals in the industry weigh in with their opinions, too. The information takes into consideration breaking news, market updates, and financial reports from organizations trading on the market.

Bloomberg works to help business professionals advance toward their goals through “Bloomberg Businessweek.” The show looks at business on a global level and covers many topics, including finances. Pimm Fox and Ken Prewitt host the show, which features analysts, business spokespeople, and experts. Even though the information is global, smaller businesses can benefit by tuning in to the radio broadcast.

While the U.S. markets close down for the night, Tokyo, London, and Hong Kong are just beginning to trade. Business professionals can find out what happens in the international markets by listening to “Live From Tokyo and London,” which airs every day except Saturday.

Listening to Bloomberg radio allows people to keep up-to-date on national and international changes that may affect business finances. By staying informed, organizations can stay proactive in managing their companies so they can better manage their businesses based on global events.