October 3, 2013

Restriction On News Channel – A Debate

In any democratic countries there is a basic right for freedom of speech. However, many debate whether this freedom of speech is misused by people. This is especially so with news channels. News channels are increasing in numbers these days. This indicates that people want to know the latest news and happenings across globe. This is not only for international television channels but also for regional news channels. Many countries have certain laws and restrictions on telecasting sensitive issues. However, this is not the case with other countries. As a result many news channels telecast sensitive issues with explicit videos or photos which causes agitation and unrest in that area.

Personal lives of the affected people and celebrities are also exploited as they are closely followed by media people to get news coverage. This not only affects their freedom of moment but also affects them emotionally. News telecast of sensitive information can also affect children who are watching them. There were also reports that telecast of such gory details have even caused sudden cardiac arrests on some viewers who were watching such programs.

Though it’s important that people should know about any injustice happening in any place, this should be done in a manner which does not offend or affect the viewers. There should definitely be some law which will help to balance this type of offense. A clean news show which provides accurate information in a right way will definitely gain more popularity.