October 3, 2013

Reality Shows In Television Are Not So Real

Reality shows telecasted in television started couple of years ago and is now dominating every channel. There are all kinds of reality shows in almost every channel which aim to increase their television rating point. However, some argue that these reality shows are not so real, and are usually scripted to attract the viewer’s attention. Talent shows which has attracted huge audience world wide can be considered real. However, the comments given by various judges often come under scrutiny as they hurt or offend people.

Most of these shows are deliberately sensational to increase the television rating point of the show. Too much drama on the show usually attracts viewer ship and makes the show popular. But some of the shows are not good for children and cannot be watched by them. Offensive language has become part and parcel of today’s television shows.

Children’s reality shows especially should be monitored by concerned authorities as these children are under aged and needs protection. It’s sad to see that many parents put too much pressure on their children to perform and win on these talent shows. In some shows, the judge’s comments are so demeaning that it affects the child’s confidence and puts more pressure on them. Some children eventually end up having anxiety attacks. Reality shows can be entertaining but it has to have its limit. Talent shows are really interesting provided children are genuinely encouraged and are not put under undue pressure.