October 3, 2013

Radio narration

The history of radio can be traced back to time when it was basically used in instruments to produce radio waves. The radio that we see today as in its present form is contribution of many people, some of the main pioneers who contributed in its development were James Clerk Maxwell who mathematically proved that EM were capable of traveling in space. Heinrich Rudolf made a laboratory demonstration to prove that EM waves were capable of propagating through free space.
It all started with wireless telegraphy system for communication. From that time to the present time radio has completely under gone a total revamp. In Mid Fifties it found its commercial usage. It was used in military communication. Later on many companies like Zenith Electronics Corporation, General Electric and many more joined the league to produce radio commercially.
These companies added a stereo to the FM radio. Well FM is a broadcasting technology by making use of Frequency Modulation, which provides better signal strength to signal over AM and PM signals. Well these days Radio has become the best mode of entertainment while it plays music that you like and love to here from oldies to hip hop. Now with the changing time radio has also changed. It is gathering the needs of every one from young generation to the past generation.
You can find your favorite radio and radio channels on mobile phone and on internet too. In mid nineties it loosed its popularity due to hype of TV mania but now it is growing in numbers and its users are also growing in numbers. Well it has a commercial viability attached with it and the returns are high at later stages. It is here, to stay for long and will be passed on from one generation to another, as its legacy will remain there for generations to come.