October 3, 2013

Radio is Still Around

Radio has changed, but it’s not dead. Too many people think that television effectively killed radio, and that no one listens to it anymore. That’s not true, however, because there are many radio stations that are still in operation and going strong. When television came out, radio had to adapt. That’s nothing shocking, because things always change. Any medium that wants to continue to do well will have to adapt to changes that are taking place both internally and in other mediums. Paying close attention to that is vital if you’re going to do well in whatever business you’ve chosen.

One of the ways that radio has adapted is through satellite. Now, people can listen to all kinds of stations from all over the place in their cars, and they don’t have to be in the same city where the station originates. Most new cars come with satellite radio options, which are often free for a while. Then the person who bought the car has to pay for the service. By that time, the car owner is already hooked on all the great options out there, so he’ll willingly pay for the satellite radio service to continue.

The Internet is also a very popular way to listen to the radio today. More and more stations are setting up web sites and streaming their broadcasts through the Internet. It doesn’t cost anything to listen, and people can use it for great music, or to find out more about a place that they might want to move to or vacation in. It’s a great way to get information that isn’t the same as what’s presented on the television or on other sites on the Internet. You can’t get every radio station this way, but the options are much larger than they were in the past.