October 3, 2013

Radio in the past and present

Entertainment is an activity which attracts people and let them come out from their stress and it also pleases them and it is also considered as an activity to pass free time. It is a passive kind of activity. There are many activities that are considered in entertainment as movies, opera, and music concerts, sports, but at the same time hobbies are a bit different from entertainment. Now it is grown as an industry. Now most of the public calls it entertainment industry and it consists of many substitute industry related to this entertainment industry.

Radio and television are also the parts of the entertainment industry. Radio was a very big platform of entertainment once because it was the only medium for the people who were living in villages and also for the army men. After that television took place of radio and it became the face of growing entertainment industry all over the world. Television is the most favorite medium for the people to see movies and other daily shoes and news. Television played an important part for the news and information sector. All because of it people get to know the news of all around the globe. For gossip around the fields of politics, movies, celebrities, sports person etc. television took an important place.

For various type of celebrity news radio and television fulfilled the expectations of the viewers. All because of it people get to know about their celebrity. Both entertainment instruments are a beautiful gift from the engineering world. Engineering and technology played an important part to distribute the knowledge on various subject from the medium of television and radio to all around the globe. And day by day these two mediums of entertainment are getting more powerful and considered all around the globe. The entry of FM or frequency modulation technology has made the radio the darling of all once again.