October 3, 2013

Radio Broadcasts – The 80s Music History

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The 1980s was dominated with many technological advances, including the Personal Computer, Compact Disk, VCR, better Sound Recording Systems and the Woofers, and of course not to mention a rich economy which could afford these technologies. Television Stations and Radio Broadcast Stations too underwent a phenomenal electronic make over and this meant Radio waves powered by advanced Digital systems and Radio Programming. People though, stayed conservative for most part, still greatly relying on traditional Radio Broadcasts to quench their hunger and rituals for Musical hits. Disco music production came to a halt and the Music scene was dominated by the Pop, Hard Rock, and Hip Hop and Rap genres.

Pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cher, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner made their debut appearances and took the music world by storm. These artists and many more released video albums to reach out to the rest of world and instantly gained international fame and a huge fan following. The 1980s Pop Music industry as it already flourished, Michael Jackson and Madonna added to figures exponentially. Madonna’s fishnet stockings, blond hair and the Material Girl look, and Michael Jackson’s single glove, bejeweled jackets, and lightning fast dance moves, together with their phenomenal success, turned them into international icons for causes and idols for the youth from across the globe.

The once known as the prohibited genre, exploded into the severe form of Heavy Metal Rock, dominated by the loud drums, distortions, heavy bass and screeching, by bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeath, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Van Halen and the like. Nevertheless these bands became well known in major cities across the world, with album sales running into millions of dollars each. What originated from an inner city culture, Hip Hop and Rap made a smashing debut turning this genre into an industry of its own. The singular styled beat, rhyming lyrics and dance moves soon became a sensation among the youth. Most of the 1980s music is today, aired by hundreds of Radio Broadcast Stations and streamed on websites, for free.