October 3, 2013

Radio Broadcasts – The 1950′s Music History

Elvis,Johnny,Carl,Jerry in Memphis Sun Studio ...
Image by Mr. Memphis1982 via Flickr

Though Radio Broadcasts became popular soon after the dawn of the 21st century, the 1950s signified a full blown era of Radio Broadcast Entertainment Music. This decade is credited with leaping developments in Music history. While the Jazz, R&B, Gospel music genres existed from earlier times and continued attracting listeners, other Western music genres of Country, Pop and Rock and Roll now took formations, and began to influence listeners from across the country.

The song writer Carl Perkins is known as the pioneer of the Country and Rock and Roll style, and leading musicians such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles and others partnered with him to give us some of the greatest music hits of all times. He first wrote and performed the song Blue Suede Shoes, which was later adopted by Elvis Presley, who shot the song to fame. While during this period, when World War II dominated the political scene around the globe, the citizens of the 1950s, held themselves up with post war optimism listening to tunes of solace by Perry Como and Pat Boone. As the decade ripened though, the teenagers were met with the Rock and Roll burst, championed by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Little Richie. There was considerable controversy, when the older generation took some offense at the hype of this voice, sounds and hip twirls, which resulted in Rock and Roll being partially banned across US Radio. Elvis Presley pressed on to his belief against this ban, and interestingly enough around 80 percent of audience tuned to his performances, on the Ed Sullivan shows and on other channels.

The 1950s Music also saw Johny Cash and Hank Williams develop Country music. Much of Johny Cash’s style of music had combinations of the Country with Rock and Roll styles. Music tracks from this decade, air on Radio Broadcasts even today. There are hundreds of Radio Broadcast Stations and Websites dedicated to the 1950s Music, and listeners who tune in to these channels or Websites streams to listen, run into millions.