October 3, 2013

Radio Broadcasts – Jazz and Blues Music

Jazz and Blues Music dominate Radio Broadcasts as much as any other music genre does. It is no surprise that, when flipping through Radio Broadcast Stations, you will find Jazz and Blues music playing among the melting pot of contemporary music. A number of Radio Broadcast Stations are even dedicated to Jazz and Blues lovers throughout.

Jazz and Blues music have been in America as long as the early 20th century, and take its roots in African American culture. Listen to Radio Broadcasts of some classics, and you will be overwhelmed by the evolution of African American culture and their expressions through Jazz and Blues music. Jazz and Blues music have been the pillars of American musical evolution, upon which in the decades to come, talented and influential artists built upon and gave birth to genres such as Country, Hip Hop, Rap and more.

Modern day styles and explosions of various other sounds and expressions are worthy throwbacks to the energy and creativity of the yore. Michael Buble achieved extraordinary success with his modern reprisal of Jazz and Classical songs taken from the 1950s. The new generations love to hear his modern day version of the Jazz collection of sounds and styles, which shaped American music sixty years ago. Pink Martini, Diana Krall, Diana Reeves, Sonny Rollins and the Pat Matheny Group, Jazz music air frequently on Radio Broadcasts, attracting a large number of audiences. Today, more than half a dozen awards at the Grammy’s, are dedicated to Jazz music. Norah Jones with her debut album took away the Grammy award, mesmerizing listeners with her soulful vocals. Amy Winehouse’s album Back to Black hit US and UK charts in 2006 and 2007.

The Blues Music style today, remains much of the same as it did from old times, and is still adopted by Pop and Rock and Roll musicians, who need the occasional switch over to Blues, both in recordings and in live concerts. Give in to your temptation and let the Radio Broadcasts bring you the best of this time tested genre of American heritage.