October 3, 2013

Radio Broadcasts – Hip Hop and Rap Music

Try flipping through Radio Broadcast channels and chances are that Hip Hop and Rap music are playing on majority of them. This also means that Radio Broadcast listeners of Hip Hop and Rap are of large numbers. Whether it is contemporary Rap tracks or the newest Hip Hop singles and albums, the styles and rhythms are varied and enthralling. Radio Jockeys also make up, in great number, of the Hip Hop and Rap music fan following. With live music on the beach and in the city, Florida is a place for youth hangouts. Spring break has fueled the growth of hip hop in many clubs.  Florida vacation homes create a year round entertainment period to enjoy multiple artists during spring break.

The Hip Hop, Rap music culture began in the mid 80s, originating from the inner city culture of large cities in the country. With their emphasizing beats and rhymes, and non conventional outfits of the performers, rebellion and demand for attention took on a new meaning. Hip Hop and Rap music soon became a hit among listeners and the youth of the country find a new meaning and a good reason for being associated with this genre. Contemporary Hip Hop and Rap releases make up a good portion of all time blocks in Radio Broadcasts.

Hip Hop and Rap music first got international attention, when The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff were awarded the Grammy in 1988. Since then Hip Hop and Rap music turned into mainstream music industry, with talented artists introducing a wide style and variety of music albums. Today, nearly half of the Billboard Top 100 albums are of Hip Hop artists. R Kelly’s album Double Up is at top spot, with Rihanna’s Umbrella as the top single and the Shop Boyz holding number one record. Eminem has been a very successful artist and is known to be the best Rapper of all times, gathering much appreciation from critics and fans alike. His albums have sold in millions and tracks aired through Radio Broadcasts. R Kelly has been very successful, with his soulful R&B and dance rhythms. The Black Eyed Peas is the new Hip Hop group to remain in fan’s hearts for a long while. Radio Broadcasts very frequently and repeatedly air hit tracks by these well known musicians.