October 3, 2013

Radio Broadcasts – Christian and Gospel Music

Radio Broadcasts consider Christian and Gospel music as mainstream music and no longer but as an alternative. A large number of audiences enjoy Christian and Gospel music, and Radio Broadcasts tends to be the primary medium, where listeners can find picks from the galore of this genre. Christian and Gospel Music dates back to the 1960s and is dedicated to providing Christian holy music to the religious.

The Christian and Gospel music genre took a flight in the 1980s, when Radio Broadcast stations realized and added this genre to their list of music to be aired frequently. They are no longer limited to Churches and Worship centers, but has extended the religious experience to contemporary listening and entertainment. This music is now popular among the Christian youth, and to most this genre and its themes, focusing on Christian faith, represents new forms of pop, rock and the blues styles. Musicals from artists like Steven, Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp and Amy Grant, are appreciated worldwide for their religious expressions.

Today Billboard charts recognize Christian and Gospel musical hits under the heading of this genre. Every year, budding artists produce hit albums and gain significant recognitions and a fan following. The 2006 Grammy’s were awarded to Yolanda Adams for the best gospel performance and to Kirk Franklin for best gospel song with Imagine Me. The 2007 Gospel Music Dove awards honored Aaron Shust, Chris Tomlin, Natalie Grant and Casting Crowns as best performers of the year, in different capacities. In 2006, Alan Jackson’s album Precious Memories sold 1.2 million copies, while Flyleaf sold half a million copies of their album and Casting Crowns’ album Life Song sold about 400,000 copies.

Hosanna Music Records conducts Live Praise and Worship concerts and makes these musical recordings available to Christians through CD, streams and through Radio Broadcasts. Most Christian musicians also willingly share their musical tracks with listeners through Radio Broadcasts. Whatever the style and mood of the Christian and Gospel genre, you prefer, make sure to find those tracks on Radio Broadcasts and Digital streams.