October 3, 2013

Radio Broadcast Programming – Tune In and Love the Company

Radio Broadcast Stations provide listeners the most comprehensive audio entertainment, with arrangement and tunes of most listened to audio tracks and Radio Jockeys chipping in constantly, making sure the listener always has company and livens up his Radio experience. The Federal Law has laid out nation wide specifications for Radio Programming, about the number and nature of jingles, commercials, news, traffic and weather updates that must be aired on Radio Stations.

Since Radio Broadcasts target more young and social listeners, popular commercials attract them and they tend to return to the frequency, to get more updates. Commercials ranging from modern gadgets, products, insurances to holiday vacations and free cruises generate a lot of attention. Jingles with voice over recordings, announcing the Time and the Radio Station frequency, appear quite frequently followed by RJ comments, reading out letters or live phone conversations. Every Radio listener is interested in short important News headlines which are aired frequently. Radio listeners in regions, especially those experiencing fluctuating weather conditions, look forward to the Weather News and forecasts. Commuters by the road, especially during traffic hours switch to Radio Broadcasts, eager to listen to traffic conditions and to travel advice.

Most Radio Broadcast Stations follow Radio time blocks arranged by the time of the day. The first and early morning radio time block begins at 6am up till 10am. Programmed between the morning delightful audio tracks, are News Bulletins, Weather Forecasts and light comedy acts to liven up spirits of listeners. The midday radio time block is between 10am up till 3pm, and mostly airs music, without many commercials. The early evening radio time block set between 3pm to 7pm, returns with more music tracks separated by commercials, comedy snippets and fresh weather updates. The evening or prime time radio time block, from 7pm until midnight, airs prime music tracks hot on the charts, with ample commercials and sometimes Radio Jockeys offering club or dinner passes. The overnight radio time block, from midnight until the next morning, is filled with quiet and low key music tracks.