October 3, 2013

Movies And Music Dominate The Share Of Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is any passive activity taken by individuals to enjoy their leisure time. It helps them to relax and escape from the stress of regular work. In that way, movies and music dominate the majority of the entertainment industry. Movie industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. People enjoy going to watch a movie either in a theatre or to watch a video at home for pleasure.

As there are different types of movies such as thriller, comedy, romance, action, suspense and so on, people can choose from a wide number of movies which gets released in theatres. For children, there are number of animated movies which are very popular. Animated movies are in demand as children love to see their favorite cartoon characters in big screen. We can even say that, when one thinks of entertainment their first thought is to watch a movie.

Music is another major part of entertainment industry and has another big share in it. Usually private albums and original sound tracks contribute to the major sales in this industry. However, there are also other types of music which are sold through retail. Though the cost of such entertainment has been increasing over the years, people are willing to pay their money to pass their time and enjoy with their families and friends. Entertainment industry as a whole will continue to grow as people want to relax and have fun whatever the cost might be.