October 3, 2013

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is a series of first person shooter games developed for Personal Computers, Gaming Consoles and Handhelds. The Medal of Honor series is based on the World War II events and has shifted its focus to Afghanistan in its latest offering. It was developed by Danger Close, previously known as DreamWorks Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. The first installment was released in the year 1999 and the latest one was released in October 2010. Unlike the previous installments, the new Medal of Honor game is more realistic comprising of realistic surroundings, figures and effects. This is the twelfth part of the Medal of Honor series and is playable on Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The main focus of the game is the ongoing war in Afghanistan. It is playable in both single player and multiplayer options. The single player campaign uses Unreal Engine 3 and frostbite Engine is made use for the multiplayer campaign. The game has been awarded M rating for having violence and graphic scenes which are too realistic.
The game is about the initial days of Us invasion of Afghanistan when a Navy SEAL team is sent behind the enemy lines to meet an Afghan informant to retrieve some sensitive information and they have to fight the Chechen forces in order to recover the informant and based on his information they have to engage the enemy forces comprising of Al Qaeda and Taliban soldiers and so on the plot unfolds.
The game was well received upon its launch and praised for its features. But it also had its share of controversies regarding the option to play the role of a Taliban fighter in the multiplayer mode. But overall this game comes highly recommended and is irresistible for avid gamers.