October 3, 2013

Marriages and Divorces in Hollywood

Celebrity news these days seems to put a lot of focus on the stars personal lives including marriage, divorce and babies. It seems that every celebrity couple of a certain age is adding new children to their family. Who doesn’t love to hear about new babies? Some hot headlines feature news about Ashley Simpson’s marriage as well as Nicole Richie’s family life. While some marriages are flourishing, some seem to not quite be made in heaven.

Ashley Simpson and band member Pete Wentz wed about two and a half years ago, yet they are now saying that they are growing apart. They both filed for divorce on February 8, but state that there is no third party causing the split. Instead, they are leaving on friendly terms which is great news for their beautiful two year old son Bronx. Hopefully the news that they are still friendly bodes well for the child’s growth and development.

On the other hand, Nicole Richie seems to be greatly enjoying married life with Joel Madden and her daughter Harlow. She has recently decided to take her husband’s last name and loves being called Mrs. Madden. As for her business life, her 1960s inspired fashion line, named after her daughter, is taking off shortly. It is refreshing to see a young Hollywood couple that is truly in love and who enjoy being with each other.

Without fail, the public loves hearing about stars’ personal lives because it gives them a feeling of being personally attached to them. Stories continue to blossom about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming royal marriage. Other wedded bliss stories to follow are Reese Witherspoon’s impending nuptials and the continuing love stories of Tome Cruise and Katie Holmes.