October 3, 2013

Lindsey Lohan Makes Celebrity News Once Again

Everyone loves hearing celebrity news as it happens, probably because they think the stars lead a much more exciting life than the average American. In reality, the stars make the same stupid mistakes that regular people do. They just make those mistakes wearing ten-thousand dollar Cartier jewelry while driving a Bentley. Everyday Joe down the street probably did the same thing last week but no one heard about it because he just does not have the star power to garner the attention and does not live in Hollywood where the paparazzi gather.

Lindsey Lohan is one of the more interesting, although possibly not favorite, newsmakers in the stars of the Hollywood camp. Though she started as a child star, making funny and fresh family flicks, she has since strayed far from the straight and narrow and has been making multiple appearances in court over the last several months. Her story leads some to wonder why some child stars end up in the same boat she is in while others, like Kirk Cameron and Ron Howard, grow up to lead perfectly straight and narrow lives. Many believe it is due to their mentors and other adult influences.

In the latest upset, the twenty four year old Lindsey Lohan pleaded not guilty on February 9 to a charge of having stolen a $2,500 necklace from a store in Venice, California. This comes directly after having completed her court ordered drug rehabilitation. Although her probation officer said that she was a model probationer, the judge at her latest hearing warned her that she would be treated just like anyone else and that the fact that she had committed a felony so soon after her last court appearance would reflect poorly on her. On the other had, Lohan stated that she thought she was allowed to borrow the jewelry. She did post bail at $40,000 and will return for her next court appearance on February 23.