June 29, 2012

How to Create Your Own Online Radio Station

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In order to become a radio personality on a major syndicated network, you usually have to have a full four-year education on the subject, as well as years of experience at the intern level. Like acting, however, a degree in the subject does not actually guarantee that you will have the appropriate talents. Luckily, the internet has provided a way for those without years of education to put their voice and skills to the test.

The first thing you need to do in order to determine your online radio path is decide how serious you are about this endeavor. If you are intending to make big bucks by having a highly successful web broadcast, then you will need to make some early decisions that maximize your opportunities in that area. If you just want to experiment or get your show out there, then you have some less complicated alternatives.

Once you’ve decided this, you’ll need to get your hardware and software. There are many options for both. When it comes to hardware, a headset and mic can be purchased for just twenty dollars or so if you’re not concerned about quality, while a top notch version will require a couple hundred dollars. For software, you simply need something that lets you edit and create MP3s. For casual users, free software like Audacity is fine, while advanced users should turn to software like Adobe Soundbooth.

Then you’ll need to create your station and have it hosted. For either casual broadcasters or would be professionals, it’s a good idea to start with third party alternatives. For beginning users, sites like Live365 and UBroadcast offer packages starting at just six dollars a month, and casual DJs can even earn money thanks to profit sharing for ads built into the site. Professionals can take advantage of higher amounts of bandwidth, more freedom for their own commercialization, broader reach for their advertisements, and synchronization with a number of popular audio players. While it’s possible to host your own show, this is far more complicated and expensive, and advantages for new users are minimal.