October 3, 2013

Growing Popularity of Celebrity News

Celebrity news, now more than ever, is a hot topic of discussion.  Whether you are watching television, listening to the radio or surfing the internet, the latest gossip surrounding your favorite celebrities is easy to access.  For many years, the only way to dive deep into the lives of celebrities what through magazines such as Entertainment Weekly or even TV Guide.  Also, whether true or not, readers relied on tabloids such as The National Enquirer and Star Magazine to find out the “juice” on the rich and famous.

Within recent years, such information has become more readily available to those seeking it with the addition of television programs, networks, and websites completely devoted to publicizing Hollywood stars.  Shows like “Extra”, “Access Hollywood”, and “Showbiz Tonight” are half-hour outlets in which they summarize the latest scandals and showdowns among Hollywood’s elite, while entire networks such as “E!” and “The TV Guide Channel” devote all programming on the topic of celebrity news.

Also, websites have gotten their chance to report on celebrity news with the gossip hounds at “TMZ.com” and with “E!online.com”.  Taking a more information driven, as opposed to gossip driven, approach to celebrity news is the Internet Movie Database, or “imdb.com”, in which one can find any celebrity, anything that celebrity has ever appeared in, as well as countless other information including awards won, spouses, children, and schools attended. Celebrity news is a hot commodity and there is no doubt that there will be a growing number of outlets to access it.

Unfortunately, sometimes people forget there is real news going on around the world. It is not a good idea to make these gossip channels the only source of news because it can make life not seem real. Balance is the key.