October 3, 2013

Getting Parts for Your Old Radios

Even though TVs and the Internet are both so popular today, there are still a lot of people who just like listening to the radio. Many of these people not only listen to the radio, but they also work on them and rebuild them for the sheer joy of it – and because they can make money, since there aren’t a lot of people who do the kind of work that they do. If you have an old radio and you need to get parts for it or have it repaired, you may find that it’s difficult to get what you’re looking for.

If you live in a very rural area it could even be more difficult, because there aren’t as many businesses around, overall. Of course, sometimes rural areas are the best places to find people who work on old radios, clocks, watches, and similar things. Mostly, it will depend on what part of the country you’re in and whether you know people who can direct you to other people. There’s an entire subculture that’s interested in old radios and the fixing and repairing of them. If you can get in with those kinds of people, you won’t have any trouble finding parts for your radio.

Someone probably has them lying around. If they don’t have them in their garage or basement, then they know how to get them and who to talk to. If you live in a bigger city you might be able to find more people to help you more easily, but that’s not guaranteed. Just start asking around, or search the Internet for people who do the kind of work you’re wanting done. Sometimes, forums will be the best places to find people like that, but there’s more than one way to get the information (and the parts) that you need for your old radio.