October 3, 2013

Get Financial Business Advice From the Clark Howard Radio Show

Whether you need personal or business financial advice, you can get free tips and information by listening to radio broadcasts, such as the Clark Howard Show. Over 200 free radio stations broadcast Howard’s show, and you can listen to broadcasts directly from Howard’s website or the hosting radio station’s website.

Howard is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and is the founder of the Consumer Action Center, which works to protect consumers by offering free advice. Through his show, the multimedia mogul offers advice on how to save money and cut expenses with free budget software. He also issues warnings about scams and other financial pitfalls.

Like many other free radio shows, Howard’s team takes questions for him to answer live on the show. If you have a question about your financial situation, consider sending it to Howard. You may get free advice from a real expert targeted to your exact needs.

In addition to hosting a radio show, Howard is a bestselling author. His financial advice books “Get Clark Smart” and “Clark’s Big Book of Bargains” ranked in the top 10 books listed on the New York Time’s bestselling list. The books expand on the financial information Howard offers on his show, but the penny pinching author suggests saving money on them. He recommends buying them used or getting them for free from your local library.

Atlanta’s radio stations AM 750 and NOW 99.5 FM News/Talk WSB produce and air the show. Dial Global syndicates it, and the Headline News channel also carries it. By listening to the radio broadcast, you can learn ways to improve both your personal and your business finances. The things you learn may make the difference between retiring at a young age and falling victim to financial issues that negatively affect your business’s potential.