October 3, 2013

Free online music anytime, anywhere

Music has been a part of human life ever since the beginning of time. Humans created music as soon as they were able to. However, throughout time, we have seen how music has evolved. Year after year, generation after generation, different genres emerge. New styles of music come out, while some slip into the background. Aside from different sounds and styles, how people listen to music has changed.

Gone are the days of having a radio taller and wider than you. You don’t need a whole cabinet to house your radio equipment. In fact, no one really has radios anymore. Gone are the tuning dials and boom boxes. However, despite these changes, that does not mean that no one listens to the radio anymore. In fact, the medium has simply evolved onto a more portable device.

Yes, people still listen to the radio while they are driving their cars, but mostly, people listen to the FM or AM online. Whether they are at work or at home, they can tune in to their favorite radio station simply by turning their computer on and going online.

Most of the time, radio stations have a website where they have a live stream of their station. With this, what is on air on the radio is also on air on their website. Also on their website you can find other features and interesting stuff live videos, photos and concert announcements.

There are also other Internet radio stations that are only available on the Internet and not on the actual radio. However, they sound just the traditional radio stations that you may be used to. Many of these Internet stations are very specified and genre-specific. With this, you have many more options than those your radio can handle.

Like traditional radio stations, Internet stations gather revenue through advertising. If you do not want advertising, there are some Internet stations that provide no ads when you pay a fee.