October 3, 2013

Entertainment News: The Bad and the Ugly

Entertainment news in the recent year is being pulled more and more to the from pages of news papers and televisions. This basically useless news is chosen ahead of the more important backburner issues that are facing today’s society. The real news is being pushed behind and behind instead of news which has no particular significance in the lives of all the people. It has become an issue where the news about tom cruise going nuts on Oprah to declare love for Katie is made the from page news, where on the same day, numerous soldiers killed in Iraq is put to the international section of the news papers. This is good for the entertainment industry, but very bad for the real news which changes history.

People are getting increasingly disconnected from the real news and focusing on the news that makes them feel better. They have no information about the current events going on and only when the current events are used as a joke, does it come to the front of people. It has come to this extent that an average person no longer cares about the real news. People no longer know what real news is with more time spent in the virtual lives of the stars, there is just no way for people to know what really is happening. What. they consider news is discussed with friends and family, it is basically gossip that the news media spreads, it is doing what teenage school kids are experts at. Just because a celebrity got arrested for making out with a prostitute, a significant part of the morning news is contributed to the cause of this embarrassing detail of someone else’s life. Some people believe this is the conspiracy of the government to keep the people disconnected from the real issues. One can not be certain of this accusation.