October 3, 2013

Discover Ways to Improve Your Financial Health With Free Radio Shows

Money is something that many Americans mismanage on a daily basis. When this happens, it can result in stress and financial problems. In extreme cases, it may lead to a business closing, a house going into foreclosure, or a person filing bankruptcy. You need to learn to manage your budget. You can get free information and advice on how to do that by listening to radio broadcasts, such as “The American Advisor” with Scott Carter.

“The American Advisor” is a free radio broadcast that airs weekdays from 11 a.m. to noon PST. If you don’t live in or near California, you can get broadcasts of the show for free by listening to it over the Internet or by finding a radio station that syndicates the show.

As the host, Scott Carter brings over 25 years of experience to the show. Prior to working on “The American Advisor,” Carter gained experience as a manger in the financial services sector. He uses that experience to discuss topics ranging from precious metals to socio-political events and finance. The show utilizes a blunt and opinionated approach, which means listeners often get more from this free radio show than they do from listening to mainstream news sources.

Special guests on the program cover additional topics and provide a well-rounded approach to finances. Carter also reserves time on the show to answer listener questions. You can call in with your question, or you can email it to Carter. To increase the odds of Carter selecting your question, make sure you call in toward the beginning of the show.

With the information you get from the radio broadcast, you can learn how to manage your finances better. If you are one of those struggling with your finances currently, this show will offer alternatives to getting rid of what you consider luxury, and having you evaluate other companies and their prices and services. You can get investment strategies or learn what types of business investments have the best chance of paying off in the long run. Why not take advantage of free resources to improve your financial health?