October 3, 2013

Avoid Auto Insurance Claims While Listening to the Radio

Radio is a wonderful thing, and with the creation of satellite radio options in most new vehicles, there are many more choices for what to listen to. Unfortunately, that can make some people very distracted and lead to careless driving and auto insurance claims. You can avoid all of that, though, by taking a few simple steps to enjoy your radio experience while staying safe. First, learn where all of your radio controls are by touch, so you don’t have to look at them. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional glance, but spending too much time looking at the radio or searching for a button could lead to an accident.

If you’re traveling with other people, make your front-seat passenger your designated radio controller. You won’t have to worry about looking away from the road to fiddle with the radio that way. All you’ll need to do is ask the other person to make changes to volume and station, and that’s much easier and safer, especially if there’s a lot of traffic or bad weather conditions. When you’re approaching a large city where there’s a lot of congestion, or if it’s raining or snowing, turn the radio down or off before you get to the city or right when the bad weather starts, so it won’t distract you.

If you choose to leave the radio on, avoid changing the volume or the station in adverse conditions. Just concentrate on your driving. You shouldn’t spend time with your eyes focused on anything but the road when there are a lot of cars around you and/or when the weather is reducing your visibility. As soon as the conditions improve, you can go back to enjoying the great radio stations that are available to you.